Signs You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring

Posted on: 7 June 2022

Your garage entryway's spring system consists of extension springs at the door's sides and torsion springs at the door's top. Ideally, the springs release tension and assist the entryway to rise. On the other hand, when the door lowers, the spring system gathers tension. Unfortunately, while the spring system plays an important role, it's susceptible to damage over time. This calls for garage door spring repair. But when should you perform the repairs? These are the common indicators.

Operational Difficulties

If your garage entryway gets stuck or appears crooked after opening a few inches, this shows that you're probably dealing with broken springs. Additionally, if the entryway opens or closes slower than usual, the springs may be inefficient. Moreover, if your door comes down too fast, this shows that the springs have lost control of the door movement. This can endanger your health as you may sustain injuries when the door hits you accidentally. Fortunately, garage door spring repair professionals can inspect the springs, identify the existing problems, and fix them.

Door Heaviness

A garage entryway whose spring system is in good condition feels light during the manual opening as the springs carry the door's weight efficiently. Likewise, garage door openers can bear the weight of doors whose springs work well. So, if your car storage entryway feels heavier when you lift it or your opener strains to raise the door, this indicates spring issues. For instance, the spring system may be corroded or experience resistance due to friction. In this case, garage door spring repair may entail removing the rust and lubricating the spring system.

Weird Noises

Ideally, your garage entryway should operate quietly. Hence, if you hear a loud popping sound, this may indicate the snapping of your spring system. Additionally, failing springs may produce squealing sounds as they strain to carry the entryway's weight. These noises can be annoying and reduce your home's comfort. Thus, performing garage door spring repair is crucial to eliminate the unusual noises.

Visible Gaps between Springs

Generally, garage door springs tightly wind over the door shafts and facilitate door operations by stretching and contracting. If these springs break, they stretch more than usual and unwind, resulting in a visible gap between them. When this happens, get professional garage door spring repair immediately to mend the snapped springs.

The signals that you require garage door spring repair include visible gaps, weird sounds, door heaviness, and operational problems. Consider repairing your garage entryway springs when you notice these indicators.

For more information, contact a local garage spring repair company.