Things That Are Considered Garage Door Emergencies

Posted on: 12 August 2021

There are some home repairs that you might be able to put off for a little while until it's more convenient for you to have them taken care of. Then, there are those other repairs that you don't want to put off. As a homeowner, you need to know the difference when it comes to repairing issues that can and cannot be put off. The information you'll read below is about garage door issues so you can tell what constitutes a problem that needs to be taken care of right away. 

1. Your garage door goes off the tracks 

Your garage door is designed and installed to open and close smoothly and evenly, as well as to stay up when you have it up. If your garage door ends up going off the tracks then this can spell big trouble and potentially cause a dangerous situation for yourself and anyone else near the door. Instead of rolling up and down the tracks, the door will be suspended just by its lift cables. This means it isn't going to open and close the way it is supposed to and it can even fall, hurting someone and/or damaging anything in its way. 

2. Your garage door is suddenly uneven

Your garage door has torsion springs that balance the weight of the door. This helps to prevent uneven tension being put on the door that would cause problems when opening or closing it. Imagine if you were closing the garage door and the right side came down more than the left. This would stop the door from closing at all until it was evened out again. This is why the torsion springs are important. If you do find the door is uneven, then you need to have it repaired soon or worse damage can happen. 

3. You can't get the garage door to open

If you aren't able to get your garage door to open, then you don't want to try to force it open because this can end up causing more damage and it can also result in someone getting injured. A few of the reasons why a garage door might suddenly not open can be that the door has come off of its track, the springs are broken, or the cables have snapped. When the door won't open, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible, especially if your car is stuck inside the garage.

4. You can't get the garage door to close

If you can't get your garage door to close and you were trying with the remote, try the button on the wall. If it still won't close, make sure the sensor eyes are clean, pointing the right way, and that nothing is in their way. If this doesn't work, then you are going to have to call a garage door repair contractor to help right away.