Beneficial Features To Enjoy When Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener With A Newer Model

Posted on: 3 June 2016

If your garage door opener is making loud sounds as it opens and closes, if it only works sporadically, or if it simply stops working altogether, you will most likely either have it repaired or consider purchasing a newer model. When buying a replacement garage door opener, there are several features one may want to consider. Here are some of the benefits these features provide, giving you the ultimate convenience when utilizing this useful tool.

Be Assured With Automatic Reverse Capabilities

All garage door openers on the market today are required by law to have an automatic reverse mechanism installed within them. This can be a life-saving feature. When someone walks beneath the garage door as it is being closed, sensors will alert the garage door opener to automatically stop and reverse its movement to open instead. While this is not an option you will need to look for when buying a new garage door opener, keep in mind that purchasing an old model from a private seller can be risky as it may not be included if the opener was manufactured before 1993.

Select A Model With A Quieter Operation 

Newer models of garage door openers are much quieter than they were years ago. Technology continues to make this an upgraded feature on garage door openers, so it is beneficial to shop around for a model that works with your specific lifestyle.

If you have bedrooms located over your garage door, you may want to consider looking for a belt-drive model. These are made with rubber belts rather than chains, giving them a smooth transition from open to close without waking people within the home in the process. Another alternative is a screw-drive model. Cost-wise it is less than a belt-drive model but more than a chain-drive opener. Noise-wise it is in between each of the other types, making it a good choice for those who want a quieter execution without paying a bundle to obtain it. If you are on a strict budget or if you are not concerned with the noise factor, stick with the chain-drive opener as the newer models are still quieter than older ones.

Take Away Anxiety With Increased Security

There are several security features available when selecting a new garage door opener model. If you forget your keys and need to get into your home via the garage door, a keyless entry pad or fingerprint reader can be set up outside of your garage door. Rolling codes can be incorporated into the setup so that a new number is generated after each use. This will prevent those who had obtained the number in the past from using it again in the future. Another security feature available in some models is the ability to download a phone application to monitor your garage door's status while away from home.

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