Two Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Posted on: 18 March 2016

A garage door can be one of the largest mechanical devices that you own, and while these doors are usually highly reliable and durable, there are some common issues that they can experience. In particular, it is common for garage doors to start making loud noises when they are in operation. If your garage door has recently started to encounter this problem, you should make sure to use these two tips to help diagnose the problem.

Inspect The Tracks

The tracks of the garage door are essential for guiding it as it opens and closes. In order to function correctly, the tracks will need to be perfectly aligned with the garage door. When this alignment is compromised, the weight of the door can cause the tracks to warp. In addition to making unpleasant sounds, this problem will likely worsen each time the door is used until it is either repaired or experiences a complete failure.

To avoid these problems, you should inspect the tracks at the first sign of the door making these sounds. If you notice that the alignment seems to be incorrect, you should stop using the garage door until a professional has been able to inspect and repair it. Attempting to repair this problem yourself may not be the best option because it can be exceedingly difficult for untrained individuals to properly align the tracks, which can result in the problem returning soon after the repair was performed.

Add More Lubricant

Another one of the common causes of the strange sounds from a garage door is low lubricant. The weight of the door can cause tremendous friction among the moving parts, and if the lubricant started to run low, it can cause strange sounds as well as warping and other damages. In addition to low lubricant, this problem can also be caused by compromised lubricant. As time passes, the effectiveness of lubricant will start to degrade due to use and temperature fluctuations.

When these issues are causing your garage door to make strange sounds, you may have no other choice but to add more lubricant to the system. Unfortunately, some homeowners fail to appreciate the fact that garage doors may need specific lubricants for optimal effectiveness. Therefore, you should carefully review the owner's manual before you start adding lubricant to the system.

A garage door that is making strange sounds can be a serious problem for a homeowner to encounter. In addition to being unpleasant, these sounds can also indicate potentially severe damages to the door. By making sure that you appreciate the need to inspect the tracks and lubricant when these sounds are noticed, you will be better able to help keep the problems and damages that your garage door suffers to a minimum.

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