Three Things You Should Consider Before Installing An Automatic Gate

Posted on: 12 February 2016

Automatic gates offer security and convenience, so it's only natural to want one around your home. However, before you install an automatic gate, there are several factors you should consider. Thinking about these factors will help you to pick the right automatic gate for your family.

How Much Power You'll Need

When shopping for an automatic gate you choose the gates you want and then select a motor to power them. You may fall in love with a particular set of gates, but not the motor required to open them. Depending on how large the gates you select are, and the conditions of your property, you may need a larger motor than anticipated. This can lead to additional electricity costs.

If you accidentally install a motor that isn't up to the power standards required to move the gate, your gate will move slowly and struggle. If the motor works too hard to open and close your gate, you'll be looking at frequent break downs and additional maintenance costs.

To find the amount of power needed to open your gate check the manufacturer's specifications. If you opt for a different power motor, you may void your warranty on the gates and the motor. If your gate will be operating under special conditions, like frequent foul weather, you may want to consult a professional before deciding on a motor.


If you have children, you'll have to carefully consider the type of automatic gate you install. Selecting the right gate will keep your children safely in your yard. With children present in the gated area you want to avoid using a gate system that is strictly motion activated. A child could accidentally trigger a motion sensor and open the gate. Gates that utilize keypads or telephone systems are better for families with children because a child can't accidentally open them.

Regular service should be a priority to prevent the gates from breaking down. With regular service of the gate you minimize the chance a gate could malfunction and open.

The Lay Of The Land

The type of area you plan to install your automatic gate system in is critical. Not all gate systems work as well in different conditions.

If your automatic gate system is set up on an incline, and you use a swing gate, you'll need significantly more power to operate the gates effectively. The steeper the incline, the harder your swinging gate would have to work because of gravity's effect on the hinges. The alternative to a swinging gate system is to install a sliding automatic gate. Sliding gates are designed to accommodate uneven terrain more effectively because they advance and retract on a track.

If the area where you want the gate installed is frequently soggy or wet, you'll have to install a drainage system around the gate. Many automatic gate components are water resistant, but water will eventually damage these components leading to additional maintenance costs. Contact a business, such as Bells Garage Door Services, for information.