3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Garage Door Even If It Isn't Broken

Posted on: 16 November 2015

While the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" may apply to many things in life, it doesn't apply to old garage doors. If you haven't updated your garage door in many years and have routinely had repairs done when needed instead of replacing it, then realize that there does come a time when replacement is not just a good investment, but essential for the safety of your family. Here are three signs that you need to replace that old garage door, even if it isn't broken at the moment. 

1. Tracks are Rusted or Damaged

It is important for your garage door tracks to be sturdy and strong, because old damaged or rusted tracks not only make it difficult to open and close your door properly, but they can lead to accidents, even when your door itself is in decent shape. While the most dangerous parts of your garage door are technically your the springs, even new springs in good shape can snap loose and become dangerous when the rest of your garage door assembly is not in good working order. 

If you need to replace damaged tracks, then you must replace your garage door. You cannot simply purchase new tracks, because mixing and matching doors and tracks that don't match is also very dangerous

2. Your Old Wooden Door Has Been Painted Repeatedly

Many old garage doors are made of wood, and wooden doors have often been painted repeatedly over the years to match the home. While lead paint was banned from usage in homes in 1978, if your door is very old, there may be a layer or two of this paint lurking under the surface. Exposure to lead paint dust endangers everyone, but if you have grandchildren and pets who play outside and encounter this paint, then it can easily poison them. While as an adult you wouldn't eat paint, children and pets are drawn to nibbling on lead paint due to its sweet taste. 

You should not attempt to remove this paint yourself, but instead replace the entire garage door and ask the installer of your new door how to dispose of the door properly. 

3. It Lacks Security

Your garage should not be an easy entryway for intruders into your home, but if it is old and lacks modern security features and sturdy materials, it likely is. Even if the door between your garage and home is locked, intruders who enter through the garage have ample time out of sight, hidden in your garage to then pick locks and hack safety mechanisms. A price cannot be put on the feeling of being safe in your own home, and an old garage door made with flimsy wood and a lock that often sticks can lead to you not being secure in your home and garage. 

If you don't like to replace anything until you feel it is broken beyond repair, then remember that some things need to be upgraded and replaced before they break if they are made of outdated materials or have some broken components that you don't realize have a huge impact on how they function as a whole. When choosing a new garage door from a company like Shank Door, you can pick one made of safe, secure materials and added safety features to make you feel better inside your home and out.