How to Choose Doors for Your Farmhouse

Posted on: 10 August 2015

Technically speaking, any house located in a rural location is a farmhouse. These homes could be constructed out of log, lumber, or even brick, depending on the materials and artisans at hand. However, a home built in the farmhouse style tends to be practical with a boxy shape and full-width porches. Gable roofs and clapboard siding are also common. If you have a house that hearkens back to the farm, choose doors that further promote that homey feeling.

Front Doors

While the exact architecture of a farmhouse varies, the overall feel should be welcoming. That starts with your front door. A wooden door in the Craftsman style is traditional. These tend to have several wooden panels with window panes in the top. Many also include custom features such as a mini shelf or wrought iron detailing.

However, according to Better Homes and Gardens, other styles of doors also invoke farm-style hospitality. For instance, a glass-paned door in a subdued hue blends with a cheery façade. Conversely, wide Fremnch doors with iron strap detailing take center stage. A Dutch door, which allows you to open the top half while leaving the bottom closed, adds a touch of whimsy to your farmhouse.

Garage Doors

Depending on the size of your garage, the garage door takes up a lot of your home's façade. Of course, many old-style farmhouses feature a detached garage, in which case the door takes up even more of the façade. Therefore, your choice in garage doors greatly influences the look of your house.

A Craftsman-style door is traditional here, too. If the garage door is at the front of the house, selecting such a door for both the main entry and the garage adds cohesion to the design. However, if you prefer to let the garage door recede into the background, have it painted the same color as your siding. Alternatively, choose a garage door that resembles a barn door with panels dressed in a large X motif. Such a door is especially charming for a detached or single-car garage. Find a company like Jayton Door Corporation for your garage door needs.

Interior Doors

Farmhouses are characterized by both formal and informal spaces. This will direct some of your interior door choices. However, because farmhouses were historically constructed of natural materials, consider keeping all your interior doors wooden. They can still vary with molding, glass panes, and other finishings. They can also be painted any color to complement your room. However, wooden or wood-looking doors give your rooms that down-home ambience typical of farmhouses.

Choose traditional-style doors to complement your farmhouse's homey charm.