Exciting New Features Found On Today's Garage Doors

Posted on: 4 August 2015

After you have owned a garage door for a few decades, you may decide that it is time to completely replace your garage door with a new one. There are several garage door innovations that can make your newest garage door much better than your old one. Even if your old door is still working, you may want to purchase a new one for the greater security features and durability.

Internet Connection

Garage doors can now be connected to the Internet with an Internet gateway. This allows for the door to be opened from anywhere. If you are locked outside, you will simply need a smartphone to access the garage door and open it. You can also remotely toggle lights to turn them off if you forget to. The garage door equipment is usually connected to a larger system that allows you to manipulate various aspects of your home.

Garage door automation can help improve the security of your home by setting the garage door on a timer that causes it to open or close at a specific time. For example, if you are concerned about accidentally leaving your door open, you will want to set the door to close automatically at a specific time at night.

By connecting the door to an online account, the moments when the door opens or closes can also be recorded so you can know if something suspicious is going on.

Better Insulation

Modern garage doors have better insulation so that the garage is more comfortable. This will allow you to do more with your garage even during colder months.

If you have a large garage and intend to use it as a living space, you will need an insulated door. You'll have several insulation options to choose from, including batt insulation that acts as a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering your garage and reflective insulation that helps stop radiant heat. That kind of insulation is especially useful in hot climates.

Greater Durability

Garage doors can last much longer because of polymers that can be baked onto the door to protect it from rust. These polymers can often last for a decade.

Another way to prevent rot and decay is to choose a door made from plastic instead of metal or wood. Plastic doors can be designed to look like other materials such as wood. 

Having a garage door replaced can be difficult, but these additional features can make this change worthwhile.